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How we ensure your privacy


Being an online content creator, especially in adult entertainment, can come with many challenges. Your privacy and data is one especially sensitive area, that deserves special attention.

At Profilytics, a platform made by and for content creators, we have first hand insights on this and understand the importance of feeling confident with the tools you use. That is why we design, develop and operate our platform with the highest standards and practises when it comes to handling user data.

Encryption and digital security

All data imported from third-party websites and services to Profilytics is sent through an encrypted connection. Any transmission will come directly from your computer or phone and go to our servers without anyone else being able to access any data.

Your passwords and personal information are stored on secure databases, we are deploying industry leading security policies to protect our IT systems.

Data from external sources, such as OnlyFans, is stored encrypted on our systems and is only read and decrypted when you login to our dashboard and access your reports.

Hosted in Germany

The Profilytics servers that store all user data and provide the interface to access your reports are stored in Germany, with the certified cloud infrastructure company Hetzner Online GmbH. Profilytics complies fully with the high privacy protection and strict data laws of the European Union.

Usage of browser extension

Browser extensions, like the one developed by Profilytics, are installed on your device and embedded directly into the browser. As such extensions can have access to potentially everything a creator does online it can be a sensitive issue.

At Profilytics we do not want to use browser extensions to import your data. However unfortunately OnlyFans does not provide an API, or other interfaces, that would allow a service like ours to integrate with your profile. Therefore a browser extension is the only viable option to import data.

With that in mind we developed our extension as simple and safe as possible, requiring only the absolutely necessary permissions to accomplish a data sync. Among others these are the precautions we build into our extension:

  • The extension can only access "" and "", it is not active anywhere else on the web
  • The extension does not store, keep or export any records of any of your activities, except OnlyFans earnings transactions
  • The extension is listed in the Google Chrome Store and verified by Google to ensure no malicious code is present

We hope that the steps and precautions we put in place give you the confidence to use our platform and benefit from the features that many other creators deploy to boost their income.

If there is any question or issue that was not addressed please reach out via email or live chat. Our team is comprised of real, passionate people, many of which are creating content like yourself, and we are happy to talk about your concerns!