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Metrics explained: Rebilled Fans

In this series our team takes a deep dive into each dashboard metric on the Profilytics platforms and explains what they measure and how they can be used.

Metrics explained: rebilled fans
Metrics explained: rebilled fans

What are rebilled fans?

Rebilled fans on the Profilytics dashboard are subscribers that have renewed their subscription from the previous period. Every fan that started or renewed your subscription and then rebilled again in the past 30 days is included in this total.

Lets say a fan subscribes in January, then they are counted as a new subscriber, if that fan then renews in February they will be counted as rebilled. If the same fan renews for the second time in March they will be counted as rebilled again, until they stop your subscription.

How can I use this?

The rebilled fans count tells you how many of your current subscribers have renewed from the previous time. This is an easy metric to gauge at a glance how happy or satisfied subscribers are with your content. The more stay on and rebill, the more you are hitting the right spot!