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Metrics explained: Rebilled rate

In this series our team takes a deep dive into each dashboard metric on the Profilytics platforms and explains what they measure and how they can be used.

Metrics explained: rebilled rate
Metrics explained: rebilled rate

What is the rebilled rate?

The rebilled rate metric is a gauge that tracks how many first time subscriber rebilled in the rolling 30 days timeframe. With this Profilytics metric you can see at a glance how many percentage of your subscribers are happy and satisfied with your content and renew their subscription.

The rebilled rate is essentially the inverse of the well known and often used churn-rate, which tracks of many customers/fans drop in a given range.

How can I use this?

An easy way to use this is to track change on subscribers over time through the rebilled rate. The higher the rebill is, the better your content resonates with your fans. By tracking the rebilled rate you get a much more accurate long term analysis of how satisfied fans are than you would by looking at the absolute fan count.