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Metrics explained: Total Paying Fans

In this series our team takes a deep dive into each dashboard metric on the Profilytics platforms and explains what they measure and how they can be used.

Metrics explained: total paying fans
Metrics explained: total paying fans

What are total paying fans?

This metric counts the total number of subscribers that bought a new subscription or renewed their existing one in the past 30 days. It does not include people who have tipped or unlocked messages so free profiles will track no paid fans.

Subscribers who buy packages for more than 30 days may not purchase any subscription in the 30 days time range and won't be included in this metric. That is why total paying fans reflects only who paid for a subscription and not necessarily all active fans.

How can I use this?

The total paying fans metric is a quick and easy gauge to let you know how many paid subscription events you had in the past 30 days. Because it captures a longer time frame it is a more reliable indicator of growing or reduced numbers.

Together with other metrics, like the rebiller rate, you can get a solid impression on how your content is performing with your subscribers.