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Feature update: Renewal Rate

See your daily renewal rate against the new fans and average trends in the latest Profilytics version.

Feature update: renewal rate
Feature update: renewal rate

Todays release of the Profilytics suite adds a long requested feature of daily renewal rate. This metric allows for a straightforward understanding of how many fans renew their expiring subscriptions on a given day.

How is the renewal rate calculated?

The renewal rate is calculated from the total of rebilled subscriptions on a given day as percentage of the total of new or recurring subscription from 30 days prior. As an example if you get 20 subscribers on the first of January and 10 renewals on the 31st January (30 days later), then your renewal rate on that day would be 50%.

Where can I find it?

The renewal rate is displayed on the daily fans chart, together with new fans acquired and the average fans per day trend line. This chart is available in the reports screen for weekly and monthly charts.